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Frozen Dessert Bicycle
Serving Handmade Ice Cream Sandwiches


We are now OPEN! Accepting Bookings for 2023!

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“They say milk is a cookies best friend,

but really... it's ice cream” 

- Shannon, owner -

The Sammies


Soft, chewy, rich, buttery, chocolaty, peanut buttery, sweet and a lil' salty..We could go on and on! Handmade cookies from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients. A little crisp on the outside, still soft inside, filled with chips of goodness...made just the way we like 'em! Then we sandwich them around a scoopful of heavenly ice-creaminess. And don't forget, you gotta roll em' in a little extra sumthin', sumthin'. Violá! Pure indulgence, followed by a trace of a childhood memory.


Milk Bars


Light and airy peanut butter ice cream, perfectly creamy Dulche De Leche, honey roasted peanuts... all covered in a crisp chocolate shell? This just may be heaven in frozen bar form, reminiscent of America's favorite candy bar.. Another familiar memory, turned  into modern day favorite.



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The Bike


Our small, eco-friendly footprint allows us to go practically anywhere. Indoors or out, small spaces or large, our bike and set up is appropriate for all events, as opposed to say a full truck or trailer. It also allows us to add some personal touches to our set up for your event, like balloons and flowers, to seamlessly look like we were meant to be there all along, not an afterthought.

Wondering why we decided on a bike as the heart of our business?

For up to date locations and our event calendar

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Catering & Events



Tired of cake?

Looking for something more, let's say...

Unique, Chic, and just plain ol' fun?? What would be better than having this cute bicycle at your next event?

Just imagine the photo ops!

We can handle events of all sizes, from birthdays and graduations to Corporate parties and Weddings.

Ice Cream Sammies
& Me


Hi!! I'm Shannon and I am so excited you are here! I'd love to tell you all about a long line of  bakers in my family, but the truth is, it's just me! If I think about it, I think I might have actually gotten into all of this out of fear for something my mother in law had said to me. And I quote"He'll never stay if you don't know how to cook for him." Harsh, I know, but 20 years later and here I am. So thank you, Laur =) xo

And a special thanks to The Food Network, for teaching me the fundamentals! 

What started as a mission to prove to myself I can cook, quickly turned into a PASSION. I cooked all the time, for everyone. I baked my first pie on a whim, after an impromptu roadside market stop. When I saw the bliss on my husband's face after his first bite, it was love at first sight... Me and baking, that is. 

It wasn't until 10 years later, that I would actually quit my job in the medical field to jump in, head first, into my first bakery job. My skills for baking and especially decorating, grew something inside me, that I cannot live without. 

Now, I am here.. with you! Starting a little ice cream sandwich bicycle business! I just truly live for the creative outlet this gives me and my heart fills with joy watching you eat and hopefully, fall in love with something I created. 

So again, thank you for supporting my small business and thank you for trusting me to provide you with my sweets!

xx, Shan

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