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Long Wedding Table
Long Wedding Table

Why us?

To become a special addition to your upcoming celebration, would truly be an honor.  Whether it may be an intimate wedding, a corporate event, a large festival or a small birthday party, we can customize to your needs! We have options for all sizes and budgets. If you decide to rent the bike, we can even adorn it with flowers or balloons for an upcharge. Imagine riding into your wedding on the bike! Now, that's a sure way to stick out from the rest! We can even light'er up! How cute?! We just want you to be so happy and feel like we are THE addition to your party that you've been searching for!


Our Specialties

Although Ice cream sammies are the heart of our operation, we do understand that ice cream may not always be what someone may want in our colder months. Don't fret! We can provide our mouth watering, warm, gooey cookies all by themselves. We also have individual cups filled with warm pie filling and a brown sugary crisp that are to die for, as a supplement for the colder months or just because!

Outdoor Wedding Table

Event Packages

The Party Pack

Any size celebration, no rental or staff

***No minimum order required***

$7.00 / sammie​, choice of flavors

$7.00/ milk bars

$7.00/ seasonal crisp with side of vanilla bean

(min. 1dz per flavor)

$6.50/ stuffed chunker cookies

(min. 1 dz per flavor)


$50.00 Delivery Fee within 20 mile radius of 29063

($2 per mile, thereafter)

Rental packages below

vintage cooler

 Vintage Display Coolers

"Small-er" celebrations, cooler rental, no staff

*Minimum order of 50 items*

$7.00 / sammie, choice of flavor

$7.00/ milk bar

$7.00/ crisp with side of vanilla bean

(min. 1 dz per flavor)

$6.50/ stuffed chunker cookies

(min. 1 dz per flavor)


 $200.00 Cooler Rental Fee/Delivery

(delivery and pickup within 20 mile radius of 29063, $2 per mile thereafter)


Cooler, Dry Ice, Mini Menu Board

OPTIONAL (no charge):

 Wreath & Umbrella

*Minimum order of 100 items required for full service events*

$7.00 / sammie

$7.00/ milk bars

$7.00/ seasonal crisp with side of vanilla  (min. 1 dz per flavor)

$6.50/ stuffed chunker cookies (min. 1 dz per flavor)

Full Service Events

Larger celebrations, Bike rental + Staff

Wedding Decorations_edited.jpg

Bike setup, what's included?- $400


Ice cream bicycle

9 FT Umbrella, if wanted

Flower basket

Menu Board

Dry Ice



2 hours of server time


delivery within a 20 mile radius of 29063

$2 per mile, thereafter

***Please note, this setup does not require early setup. I will arrive at time of 2 hour service.


Extra Server time: $100/hour

Neon "Ice cream solves everything" Light: $25, must have outlet and somewhere to hang, backdrop not included

Other Party Options

Have a private event but want your guests to purchase their own sammies? (such as neighborhood parties) No problem! We will come out, set up, and serve for 2 hours for minimum total sale of $400. The host is reuired to pay the difference, if we do not meet the minimum within the 2 hours of selling time.  

Hosting a Public event and looking for a vendor? We'd LOVE to! Just fill out the Event Inquiry form!

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