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Is there such thing as the perfect cookie?

Is there? I bet you'd say there is. You would be technically right.

There is a perfect cookie out there. Is it a slippery slope? Absolutely. Why? Because it is so incredibly personal. Everyone will have their own opinion on what a cookie must be to be considered "perfection" in their eyes.

Let's start with the obvious...

Texture: Crispy or Soft? There are so many variations of this category. Soft as in, cakey or chewy? Crispy as in, flat or thick and airy? Then there is sweetness: Sweet or subtly sweet with a hint of saltiness? Chocolate: A lot of chocolate or a little? Chunks or chips, or a mixture? Unsweet, bittersweet, semi sweet, milk, white, a combo? These are the main factors that play into peoples decision for the perfect cookie.

If you ask a baker, well it gets even more complicated.

Butter: Melted, soft, cold, browned? Sugar: White or brown? Whats the ratio? Eggs: whole eggs or just yolks or combo? Flour: all purpose, cake, bread?

Options are endless.. so are the results.

On this task of finding the perfect cookie for the last 20 years, I've realized maybe it just depends on your mood. For me, it'll always be thick, warm and gooey with a crispy edge. So if that's my ideal cookie, why did I start a cookie company that serves frozen cookies? Well...because the only thing better than a warm gooey cookie, is a cookie with ice cream, in my opinion, of course.

So I jump into this new business adventure thinking, "I got this, I already have a few recipes I have perfected to my liking over the years." My no fail, people pleasers. Have I used them to make sammies in the past? Sure! Was it a quick snack at night that I made on the fly? Yes. Why does this matter? Because I never really thought about the factors that would play into my cookies always being frozen, until now..

What can I say? I like to take things that I know so well, and just throw myself for a loop when I realize I have to change everything about it in order to ...NOT BREAK A TOOTH!

Yup, that's what my life turned into. How do I not break people's teeth with my ice cream sandwiches? All of my cherished recipes had turned into nightmares.

And, cue the panic!

Thank god for google and all the research available. People love to post about cookie trials and ingredient swaps....but NONE showed what that particular swap would do to the cookie when frozen. I set my sights on finding a way to tweak what I already know and love, into a new freezer safe version. Did it happen? Of course, or I wouldn't be here chatting about it. =)

It definitely took a lot of trail and error, as do all things. I will admit, a lot of it was know, the what ifs...what if this will make it better? and my husband saying, "I don't know why you changed it, yesterdays was perfection..." then mid sandwich saying, "never mind, this is THE one." He was as confusing and as confused as I was. It doesn't help the matter that I can also be super picky sometimes but we should ALL be picky about cookies.

Is this my new motto? Maybe!

Will I share my theories? Probably some day, but for now, I'd like to just relish in my new found frozen cookie realm. Otherwise, it'll probably turn into another series of what happens if..and you know what they say, if it ain't broke.... and I am super happy to say, it's definitely NOT broke...

Dare I say it's...perfection? 🖤✌🏼

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Kim Fanning
Kim Fanning
18 jul 2023

After having finally gotten to taste a couple of samples, I can say with all certainty: PERFECTION HAS BEEN ACHIEVED.

Me gusta
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